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” Scalar technology is not new to this world but there are very few products available for end users, Zen technology is one of the best startup company which is offering such end user products through which physical and spiritual well-being can be achieved.
Dr Sunny has worked in this field for quite a long time and designed this product with the aim to providing next generation healthcare solutions.
I purchased BioZap few month ago and has been very beneficial in many ways, It has helped my mother to overcoming her health problems and also helped us to heal our relatives leaving in remote distance. Copper rod has been helpful in gaining fast and immediate results and Scalar adapter can be used for various purposes even to heal plants and pets.
The software is well designed and user friendly any new user can quickly learn to handle it and start gaining benefit from it, The built quality is uncompromised and durable.
The ability to change the frequency’s is unique and one of the first product in the present market to offer such wide features in one single product.
BioZap takes a different approach towards the health care industry which has the potential of changing the methods how health issue are addressed in the present world.
I wish all the very best and success to Zen technology and would like to thank Sunny for providing us such a cutting-edge technology for an affordable price.”

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