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Dr. Rife and Cancer: A realistic view

Dr. Rife’s discussion about Cancer was recorded by John Crane back in the 1950’s. Dr. Rife gives in great detail the work he and the other doctors did in discovering the Cancer Viruses which he named BX or Bacillus X and the BY or Bacillus Y. These two cancer viruses were the main cause of Carcinoma and Sarcoma at the time he was working on these diseases back in the early 1930’s. Today there are several more known viruses or bacteria that cause cancer. The BX and the BY were the major causes of cancer back before 1970 and are believed to still be a major cause of many of the cancers today. Below is a link to more information about various organisms that may cause cancer.

Those fighting cancer today should come to understand that there are many factors to cancer and they should have a realistic view about what Dr. Rife discovered. As mentioned before Dr. Rife discovered two cancer viruses and the frequencies which he found for those two organisms ( use hyperlink in my page True Rife Frequency ) will only work on those two organisms. Many people have an unrealistic belief that these two frequencies will cure any and all cancer, and they will not. There are many people who sell so called “Rife Machines” who tell people that the frequencies that Dr. Rife found will work on all cancers, this is false. No one with cancer can know for sure if they have one or both of these viruses that Dr. Rife found. They may have a completely different virus, viruses or bacteria which are causing their cancer. Using Dr. Rife’s frequencies would be a good place to start but if they do not respond to these two frequencies Dr. Rife found then they may have a different virus or bacteria and should not think that the work that Dr. Rife did was without merit. Dr. Rife clearly stated that the frequencies he found were for those two viruses and only for those two viruses which he found.

Those who use Dr. Rife’s two cancer frequencies without success should try using a sweep through the high frequency range.

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