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BioZap V2.0 is a program for controlling BioZap V2.0 Generator.

User can also Possibility to purchase our Paid Software for more advance feature at Much Low cost.The Software is for lifetime.

Software Feature :
All feature of Free Software.
Can Run Biofeedback Scan.
Invers & Mirror Function.
Addition of Spike Function.
Activation of GATE Function.
Sound effect including nature Sound And Binural Beat for healing centre.
Visiual Feedback of Waveforms And Much more.

There are a number of waveforms, and you can choose from the built-in waves, to a number of calculated waves, to stored waveforms in the database. You can apply mirroring or invert the waveform, and add spikes of various types. The whole setup can be saved for later recall.

We have manually compiled, sifted through and cleaned a database of close to 6000 frequency sets, ranging from the classic CAFL database, RIFE , the VEGA, Hulda Clark and so on – as almost all the standard databases used by popular Rife software are available in the public domain.

You can of course edit the frequency programs, and insert various commands. Either by the user interface, or writing the command line out manually.You can then save this modified program in the user database, to keep it separate from the main programs database.

You can also save the generator setup, and have as many setups as you like, and also download/upload generator setups from the online database. More on this later, but there should also be a system where it is possible to comment online on the various programs, and give ratings etc. so it is possible to track the effectivenes of various programs. Here we also see the Wobble Section, and white graph background with separate graphs.

There is also the option of outputting bineural audio, as you run a program. You can set this audio to run at the alpha range of 8-12 Hz, to entrain the brainwaves, increase relaxation and speed up the overall healing process.

4 simultaneous sound effects can be played (looped) in the background, to create enhanced effect of relaxation. Each audio source has its own volume control and can be independently muted.

You can also play regular songs in the background – wave format or convert from MP3 to OGG. Three audio sources in other words.Just define a playlist of a number of songs to play repeatedly as long as the frequency program runs.

You can also Run Biofeedback Scan to test which frequency resonate with you. It will require additional hardware BioZap HR Scanner. See in Accessories Page.

There is also various Setting to run Individual frequency from individual Channle. As well as various setting for Amplitude, Offset, Duty Cycle, Phase Shift, as well as Complete setting of Dwell , Amplitude, Frequency multiplication and Much more.

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