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Dr. Royal Rife is known widely as “The man who cured cancer”. He built a device that came to be known as a Rife Machine and it not only cured cancer, it cured many diseases.
Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark was a Canadian naturopath, author, and practitioner of alternative medicine. Clark claimed all human disease was related to parasitic infection, and also claimed to be able to cure.
All diseases, including cancer and HIV/AIDS, by destroying these parasites by “zapping” them with electrical devices which she Invented. Clark wrote several books describing her methods and operated clinics in the United States.
You’ll see real results with BioZap V2.0 , even when drugs and other methods have entirely failed. If you really want to get rid of something you need to get to the “source” of the problem.
BioZap V2.0, is the most highly advanced Zapper & Rife system in the world. It’s been developed over the past Two years by an international team of electronics engineers, technical designers, software developers.
In January, 2014, the first version of our Zapper & Rife system – simply called Biozap V1.0 – was released, with no publicity and Slowly the Device getting Popular with Mouth Publicity and on youtube Channel.
Many of Our user Ask us to Develop more Advance Version with Computer Connectivity and Advance Electronics with Stability in waveforms and Lot more Complex System, And Low cost.
So We rebuilt it from the Scratch and Complitly Change the Whole System which is Not only Having More Advance Chipset, not just to be better, but to be the ultimate Rife system which cover All the Database of Different researcher who work in the filed of Frequency Including Rife & Hulda Clark Database.
The result is BioZap V2.0. ( With Computer Connectivity )
There is Lot of Possibility of Different Healing Modality to Be use with Biozap V2.0 which is Not possible in Earlear Version

BioZapV2.0 Modes of Treatment :-

Contact Mode : -

effectiveness and speed. Cons: you’re wired to a machine, and your hands are tied up holding electrodes, so you can’t use these while sleeping.

Plasma Mode : -

It can be radio waves, transmitted via an amplifier through a plasma tube or antenna – these are known as plasma machines orignally used by Dr.Royal Rife. Most Effective Mode.

Remote/Distnace Healing Mode :-

Uses the principles of quantum physics Originaly used by Nikola Tesla and the antenna properties of DNA to transmit through what physicists call nonlocal space. These are remote machines.

Each tModes of system has its pros and cons.

Contact pros:

This can be simple DC electricity routed to handheld electrodes – these are called contact Mode Treatment Most Traditional method and Popular Method.

Plasma pros:

Most powerful and original tretament mode Royal Rife used, and can be used hands-free or while sleeping. Cons: you need to remain within 10cm of the plasma tube to get the most powerful near field treatment, noisy cooling fans in many can necessitate earplugs while sleeping, and radio transmission can interfere with household devices.

Remote pros:

you don’t have to be in the same room as the machine, or even in the same country (no, we’re not kidding), so it’s hand-free and it can be used while sleeping. Cons: not as fast as contact or plasma, but very effective, and…well, that’s it, really.
But the real heart of any Rife machine is the operating system – the software that runs it.

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