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Scalar Waves can Improve your Life.

Frequencies transmitted via a subject’s fingernails were immediately picked up by the subject without radio, light, or wired electrodes. And the results were every bit as powerful as those of treatment with Electrodes. Not only that, but the subject’s distance from the machine was completely irrelevant – incredibly, even thousands of miles made no difference whatsoever.
Your fingernails are part of the single system that is you. So when frequency energy is transmitted to your nails, its effects will also be transmitted to you – and only you, because of your unique identifier present in every cell of your body. Your DNA.
Albert Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.” Modern physics calls it “quantum entanglement.” Simply stated, it means that if any part of a single system is removed from that system to a different location, any action performed upon the part will also be instantaneously performed on the originating system, and vice versa.
Scalar waves are used for remote treatments. These treatments are greatly enhanced if the scalar waves (bubbles) are formed right where the DNA physically sits. These waves are difficult to measure by orthodox means and are unaffected by magnetic fields. Our Remote Adapter creates scalar Field right where the DNA sample is located. It does this by placing the DNA Between coils. These coils have been designed to Generate Scalar waves . The science is sound and the results remarkable.

Using of Scalar waves with Bio-Zap V2.0

We Use this Remarkable breakthrough Technology with our Device Bio-Zap to Help you for Local and Distance healing for yourself or your Client.
We use most Advance Scalar coil specifically designed to create Scalar effect for Distance Healing. Not only this with Bio-Zap Specific Frequency sets for environment and Spiritual frequency you can use to do lot more then just Healing. To know more How to use This Scalar coil click here

Scalar Fields & Scalar Waves Also Known As Scalar Energy

We are all familiar with the common forms of energy like light, heat, sound, and electricity. These types of energy have both particle and wavelike properties, and they can be measured in terms of amplitude and frequency. They are known as transverse waves. Magnetism is an energy field that surrounds a moving electrical current, and can be detected by its effect on conductive metals.
You may not have heard of Scalar fields, but they are well known in astrophysics, geology, and hydrodynamics.
Scalar energy is closer in its properties to magnetism. It is composed of fifth-dimensional, non-linear, non-Hertzian standing waves. Instead of being focused in beams or running along wires, it tends to fill its environment.
Scalar energy is created when two common electromagnetic waves come together from two opposite converging vectors. When the energy vectors meet, the equal frequencies cancel each other leaving a static or stationary form of energy and zero frequency – this is the Scalar Zero Point Energy field.
Scalar fields exist out of relative time and space. Scalar energy does not radiate as waves but expands outwards in circles of energy. Scalar energy does not decay over time or distance from its source. It is unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter. This energy has the capacity to carry information, it has tremendous power. The space that the scalar energy occupies is not a vacuum but comprises a network of harmoniously balanced fields. This Scalar Energy occurs naturally and can also be created by electromagnetic generators.
Scalar energy cannot be measured by modern day instruments which are designed to measure hertzian energy frequencies and wavelengths. However, its effect on objects can be strikingly demonstrated with Kirlian photography or Gas Discharge Visualization.

Nikola Tesla & Albert Einstein

Nikola Tesla is claimed to be the father of Scalar Waves and was able to demonstrate the existence of Scalar Energy in 1899. Einstein acknowledged the existence of this form of energy in the 1920’s.
Tesla’s name for this new type of energy was “Scalar Energy” or “Zero-Point Energy” or “Radiant Energy”. This was perhaps the greatest scientific discovery in the history of the world, and it has gone largely unnoticed because of the great secrecy with which it has been held by all who know of it. It is the discovery of completely new kind of electromagnetic waves which exist in empty space, the empty space between the atoms of our bodies as well as the empty space above the earth and between the stars.
These waves constitute a kind of ocean of infinite energy, and it has now been discovered that this abundant energy can be coaxed to cross-over into our 3-dimensional world from their 5-dimensional realm, to be used to do work, and even heal the body of disease. This is the new world of scalar electromagnetics, or zero-point energy physics.
Tesla was able to prove the existence of these Scalar Zero Point Waves through the effects he achieved with his inventions, even though no measuring tool exists to measure scalar waves themselves.
Scalar Energy is more field like than wave like and it tends to fill the environment. It is capable of passing through solid objects with no loss of intensity. The effect of Scalar Energy is cumulative, it gets stronger with time. Scalar Energy is capable of imprinting itself on human DNA.
Scalar energy can be generated in a number of ways – electronically, magnetically, physically, or optically.
Scalar energy cannot be measured directly, since that would involve trying to measure something that is 5-dimensional with 3-dimensional equipment. However, its effect on objects into which it has been embedded can be strikingly demonstrated with Kirlian photography or Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Or HRV Scanner… See the results by click here

Using of Scalar waves with Bio-Zap.

We Use this Remarkable breakthrough Technology with our Device Bio-Zap to Help you for Local and Distance healing for yourself or your Client.
We use most Advance Scalar coil specifically designed to create Scalar effect.

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