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Legal Notice & Disclaimer : By Purchasing Bio-Zap Device from Denas products India. The buyer legally Accept terms & Condition and Legal Disclaimer By Default Automatic.

Bio-Zap & Its Accessories is experimental Device is Developed based on compiling the Information & Research on Electro Frequency, Low frequency from Doctors , Individual Researcher, Hobbyst, Scintist in Europe And Usa. Based on the Observations and case Studies of the Human.

We Do not give Any Guarantee for the Result and It may vary from person to Person.

The Bio-Zap systems are not approved by the FDA as medical devices. They are intended for use as experimental electronic devices only.
Neither the Designer, the Manufacturer, The Distributor nor the Seller make any claims that the Device Bio-Zap And Accessories, be used for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or illness. Physical or mental illness should be referred to qualified, licensed practitioners.

You also understand that possible negative physical and/or mental effects, unknown to Dr.Sunny Bhavsar or Denas products India, Zen Technologies or his associates, Dealer, Seller, might result from the use of the Bio-Zap Device. Moreover, you intend to undertake only responsible experimentation, and you voluntarily accept all responsibility for the use and application of all frequencies generated by the Bio-Zap. Furthermore you also Agree that Any Damage or Illness or Death Caused due to electrical Currrent overload or Short Circuit is Not the resposibility of Dr.Sunny Bhavsar, Denas products India, Zen technologies and seller. It’s a Purly because of Accidental issue which is not in Hand of Seller.

Furthermore, you agree that you will not hold Dr.Sunny Bhavsar or Denas products India or associates or Zen technologies are not responsible for any consequences, whether harmful or otherwise, that may occur as a result of using the Bio-Zap Electro frequency generation systems.
Very Important Please Read all our user :
Hi Friends,
Those of you who are seasoned Rifers won’t need to to be told this story, but our many new users need to know it.
John Crane was the man who really developed contact electrode transmission for Dr. Rife’s technology. Because his work enabled the production of cheaper machines, he was watched constantly by agents in the employ of whose who stood to lose much.
One day, he got a request to visit a person and enter the correct settings for their machine. He was happy to oblige.
On stepping out of the apartment, he was immediately arrested and charged with impersonating a doctor. He was found guilty, and served a long jail sentence.
If John Crane had been a licensed health professional, this couldn’t have happened – because such professionals are legally allowed to “treat,” have “patients,” and offer medical advice. And no one else can legally do these things, not even the world’s foremost Rife expert.
In most of the western world, this is current law.
All our User must be aware that If they are not licensed health professional they must not use terms Diagnostic, Treatment, Cure, And so on.. Biozap is experimental device and The User must take full responsibility before speaking in public and use such terms.
Furthermore Dr.Sunny Bhavsar or Denas products India or associates or Zen technologies is not responsible if User of our devie use such words or claims.
Please click Agree button here if you read and understood disclaimer and you are agree to take full responsibility.

I Agree

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